National Antique Automobile Club of America

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aacamagAnnual, Student and Junior Memberships in the AACA are open to all individuals who have a genuine interest in the antique automobile hobby.
Ownership of an automobile is not a prerequisite of membership.

Annual Membership

  • Annual Dues are $40.00 (includes spouse if applicable) – dues are bill annually – no pro-rating of dues.
  • Members receive bi-monthly issue of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine.
  • Members are eligible to join an AACA region and/or chapter.
  • Members can exhibit vehicles & compete for national prizes and annual awards.
  • Members receive limited free research by the AACA Library & Research Center staff.

1/2 Year Membership (starts June 1st)

The 1/2-year membership is for FIRST TIME NEW members only.  The 1/2-year membership covers June 1st thru December. 

  • 1/2 Year dues are $20.00 (includes spouse if applicable).
  • 1/2 Year members receive three bi-monthly issues of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE magazine: July/August, September/October and November/December.
  • 1/2 Year members enjoy all the other privileges as the annual membership.

Life Membership

  • One-time payment of $700.00 (includes spouse if applicable).
  • Life members enjoy the same privileges as the annual membership.

Student Membership

  • $12.00 per calendar year
  • Open to STUDENTS ages 13-25.
  • Verification of student enrollment is requested.
  • Enjoys same privileges as the annual membership.


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