News & Notes from AACA Headquarters

By Steve Moskowitz

The last year and a half could not be more challenging for all of us. However, our staff, regions & chapters, and members seemed to have pulled together and it looks like we are coming out of the difficult times in good shape. The club actually pulled off two events in Gettysburg last year after the pandemic hit and we have marched forward this year with an entire schedule. It did necessitate foregoing our usual Philadelphia convention and relocating a modified version in Williamsburg. All events through Auburn have been very successful and we are pleased to see our club so active once again.

The long-waited opening of our new building to the public is due soon. We are held up by the fabrication of a steel railing and wires to be installed at the front of our turnaround circle. This is a safety item so we will not open until this is done. Sadly, the original contractor was not able to fulfill the order. Other than that, we are mostly ready for you! We have opened to a group for a tour already and have a couple more scheduled. Naturally we are looking forward to seeing many of you at “Hershey” this fall.

Once again, speaking of Hershey, the rumors that Hershey has been cancelled or will be cancelled are FALSE. 2021 will see our typical show as we have know it! As it stands now, 2022 will see a slight change with flea market load-in on Monday and the car show on Friday. The fall event is special and hopefully we can make it even more special in the years to come….

The club has had a tumultuous year with the move and occupancy of this building so several projects got put on the back burner. They have now been moved to the forefront. We are finishing up on our by-laws and are working hard on a new website and upgraded store to make renewals easier. We are also looking at moving forward with new technology to allow for more online transactions for events. The club has been the beneficiary of three new donated cars already this year and probably the fourth will be finalized soon. We now have a 1936 Ford phaeton, 1992 Corvette, 1982 Commuta-Car and should soon have the 1909 Studebaker Electric. We greatly appreciate these donations and the cars will be put to good use….

Finally, another reminder that although our building is done it is not fully paid for so any philanthropic plans you may have this year will hopefully include our building fund. As always, the staff at AACA headquarters is a phone call or email away and will be happy to try and assist you with any problems or questions. Have a great 2021.