CVA’s National Convention

Friday, August 4th – Springfield, Illinois

Lester Cunningham, Bud Walker and Charlie Cooper have just returned from a fun filed week at the National Crown Victoria Convention for all 1954, ’55 and ’56 Fords, Mercurys and Trucks.

This is an important event for the 2700 club members although a much smaller number attend.  Others are kept informed by today’s social media and the club’s monthly magazine to members in the US, Canada and twelve other countries around the world.

 The convention is held annually in different locales in the US.  This year’s meet was at the Crown Plaza in Springfield, Illinois, the land of Lincoln.  Next year’s will be at a resort built on an old plantation site in Lexington, Kentucky.

 Lester trailered his ’56 Fairlane Glasstop, Bud trailered his just finished ’56 black & yellow Fairlane Convertible and Charlie drove his ’56 orange & while Fairlane Convertible.

Bud wanted to put a few more miles on his car before driving it on a long trip.  Lester has trailered a couple of times only in all the years he has attended.  Both plan to drive from now on.

Lester was awarded a very nice pin recognizing his 30-year club membership.  Charlie has a 10-year pin, while Bud has a 5-year pin.  Also, Charlie won a nice gift certificate from the Ford Road Auto Parts store.

  *** Lester’s Glasstop was awarded 1st place in its class.
  *** Bud’s black & yellow Convertible was awarded 1st place in its class.
  *** Charlie’s Convertible was awarded 1st place in all modified class.

 The Alabama gang really racked up this year.  All three received beautiful commemorative plaques.